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[Note; Number 10 was written a couple weeks ago and I though I had it scheduled to publish on the 26th. Oh well, it's here now. Numbers 7, 8 and 9 will be forthcoming. —Ari]

I've been thinking about my favorite pet-peeves of Second Life for a while now. No, I don't mean all the Linden Lab SNAFUs or the Second Life Viewer bugs or the general wonky nature of the Second Life Grid.

I'm referring to those things in-world, usually the cause of which are residents themselves. So I am going to work my way through my top-ten pet-peeves list. But rather than just plop a bullet lists here, I'm hoping to elaborate on each, so you know why it's a pet-peeve. And that if any apply to you directly, you'll understand why it's a pet-peeve and so irritating not only to me, but likely many, many others who come into your presence.

Number ten my list are "thought emotes".

Cute outfitOkay, many if not all five of my readers may be wondering "what the hell is a 'thought' emote?" Well, I'll tell you. And chances are you've already experienced a few in your Second lifetime.

I know this particular pet-peeve doesn't apply to the majority of Second Life residents, but it's still a pet-peeve anyway.

An "emote" is a little something you can do in Second Life while chatting. Whenever you type out your statement and press the enter key, a full colon is placed after your name to indicate you are the 'speaker' of that phrase, like so:

Ari Blackthorne: I think you stink, so I'm outta-hee-ah!

An emote removes the full colon, so instead of it appearing like you are the speaker, it appears more like narration in a book, such as an action statement, like so:

Ari Blackthorne decides that you stink and so he is out of this dump!

The way to do this is simple: precede your statement with /me. Yes, you may already know this. But since you still stick around reading this blog, others may question your level of intellect, so I'm playing it safe.

So you are standing there and someone comes along and you suddenly see this in open chat:

Other Person sees Your Name and snickers at the ridiculous way you dress and squints their eyes at the loud clash of color and the preposterous style you obviously must have, trying hard not to be distracted by the fashion disaster that is you.

The "Your Name" in this being you.

This is a typical thought emote by a greater-than-though, stuck-up dumb-ass on a themed sim, generally intended for role-play. In the case of Gorean or other dominant/submissive-themed areas, the submissives might use the whole 'thought emote' process to slight or insult someone without any in-character consequences.

On my sims, it's not allowed. On any other sim, it's not allowed. The only place this is ever allowed in on your own sim that you own and pay tier to Linden lab for.

Otherwise, you prissy bitch, I will react to your cute little thought-emote-without-consequences and you will feel the consequences for thinking out loud.

If it's a thought, dumbass, I can't read your mind and neither can anyone else. Since reading minds is impossible on so many levels in any world, how the hell can everyone within 20 meters know what you're thinking?


In the case of a role playing sim, I'll react accordingly in-character and role play it out. Hint: I love using my sword to see how many strikes it takes to kill someone.

In the case of anywhere else in Second Life not actually owned by you, I'll just orbit your dumb ass.

Only sadistic, whimp-ass cowards will through insults through "thought emotes" rather than say anything to anyone to their face. These are a the drama queens that are bad news and will eventually bring you serious headache and heartache if you allow them to get to know you for any length of time.

Same kind of person that argues with their other half for three days saying they want to separate. Then after four days of back-and-forth they finally separate. then they come to you and say "we separated for some reason. Who knows why." (Actual example, though rephrased for public consumption here.)

Random PortraitOh and all this doesn't just apply to SL females and and genuine SL/RL females either. It applies to a lot of you guys, too.

And I refer to you with the same expression: you prissy, stuck-up, dumbass conceited princess bitch. I only wish I could gag your "thoughts" too.

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