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Snapshot_055.pngAnything with "Friendly" and "Greetings" in the same sentence has to be our Torley happy-go-lucky-whateveryou'reonIwantsome Linden.

For a time, I almost wondered if his sense of upbeat, never-ending public enthusiasm was considered a bad thing by Linden Lab, causing them to ban him from the 'Official second Life Blog.'

It's a simple announcement about the silly-named "Winterfaire" events in second Life over the next week or so. It's a way to give people some thing to do beyond their usual drama-fests, vampire-biting, poseball-jumping activities that are actually entertaining and...and... dare I say it? Fun!

Yes, some of these activities are actually a lot of fun. My personal favorite being...
"Look for your favorite Linden targets at the annual Residents vs. Lindens Snowball Fight in the following regions: Egan, Hatton, Moritz, and Prancer. December 23rd Noon til 10pm and December 24th, Noon til 7pm."

Hey, Torley: it's good to see a blog post from you on the OSLB. It's almost like a flashback to happier days and more warm-and-fuzzy-times. The silence in the blog makes Linden Lab feel cold to the touch. Especially when the only things coming out of there are basically press-releases that are full of spin and propaganda.

Thank you Linden Lab for letting Torley out of whatever cage you must be keeping him in to be allowed to spread some oof his unique and pleasurable cheer.

So what I want for christmas from you, Linden Lab, is to let him out more often and be allowed to go back to posting on the OSLB, because Torley really is your last hope of casting a positive light on yourself and not seem so cold and sterile and... eeeww... all corporate-eee.

via Official Second Life Bolg
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