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Mele Kalikimaka, Ha'ole maka'hiki hau.

That's what I grew-up saying.
No, I am not sure that is the correct spelling. But I don't care. it's the intent of the message and a wish of good tiding to you and yours.

I despise political correctness because it is so insincere. So, for all of you whom have figured out how to pronounce what I have written above, it means:

Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Hawai'ian.

Yes, I do say Merry Christmas. The whole purpose of this legal United States Holiday is: Christmas. So, let's take a quickie look at just how stupid and ignorant the politically correct buffoons really are, shall we?

Christmas, a truncation of Christ's Mass. A religious gathering in celebration. many non-Catholics actually attend midnight Mass for the tradition alone.

So, have a merry Christ's Mass.

Happy holidays.

Hmmm... well, first, you bastardize the English language as the way I learnt grammar a single consonant following a vowel causes that vowel to have a 'long' sound, hence the "o" in holidays should have the long sound, which makes perfect sense since the word is a truncation of two words: Holi Days, thus in today's spelling it is: Holy Days.

So, when you wish me "Happy holidays" my return wish for you will be "Happy Holy Days to you, too." And if you don't believe me, ask anyone who's already wished me that as to my reply.

Kris Kringle: Um... this is the same American screw-up that turned "Dachshund Sandwiches" into "Hot Dogs". It's a whack-job on "der Krist Kinder" - or rather in English "the Christ Child" and said in German.

So, I will now say to you all:

Merry Christ's Mass during these Holi Days and may you and yours be safe and happy as you commemorate the Christ Child.

And, a genuine wish for a happy and safe Hanukkah for our friends who practice such.
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